Our Mini Maker Faire Experience

Got everyone motivated between baseball games to head up to Windsor for Sonoma Country Day School’s Mini Maker Faire on Saturday.

Overall score: A+

We had no expectations whatsoever.  Our neighbor, Kevin Clarke, does Maker Faires with his Bug Under Glass business, but the school-hosted version of what he’s described didn’t connect for me.

It turns out the the first sight to meet our eyes was the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County Museum-on-the-Go which had just spent three days at Grant School. It was fun to go through with the boys and relive the assembly as their mom, rather than as the principal.

Next stop, wire hangars + rubber bands + spoons = catapults. Right up our alley!!  The young men manning the station were funny and informative without giving too much direction or judgment.

Build a Boat was next. I happened to have two budding fishermen with me so we spent a bit of time amidst the cardboard, sticks, paper and glue guns. The boat turned out pretty well.  I enjoyed watching the boys learn how to use a glue gun without me taking over. Quite proud of myself.  And the product. And the boys.


Hot dogs and drinks were in order. Thanks Sonoma Country Day School for offering food.

Time to divide up. My husband too Jacob (8) inside to explore and I stayed with Josh (10) and his friend Jeremy. We made final touches to boats and couldn’t but be pulled toward the rocketry area–the blast of air from the air compressor was enticing. And so Josh and Jeremy began building their rocket. Paper, masking tape and a piece of PVC pipe to set circumference. Each launch was a success begging for tweaking and adjustments.


The hubby and Jacob joined us after building a Lego cart and deconstructing some electronics. Picture a table covered with keyboards, laptops, hammers, screwdrivers and goggles. Wow!

So Jacob and his dad started in on their rocket. More launches and adjustments.

Like I started with, the Mini Maker Faire earned an A+ for this group.  There were many stations we never even got to: soldering, quilling, rope making, box animals (self explanatory), make your own hula hoop, wire & washer creatures, and more.

We will definitely be back next year.

I can’t help but make a comparison to the way my boys play at home. The broken toys are their favorite. The teeter totter alligator has been screwed to a mini skateboard and gone down the hill with and without a kid on it. Our neighbor’s bamboo rods are fencing foils, swords, boat oars and rafts for a rain filled gutter. The rusty Tonka trucks will never run out of new lives. My chairs in the front yard become castle walls, ships and even jail. Boys, please put my chairs back when you’re finished. We are our own Maker Faire here at Casa Haugen. It makes me smile.


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