Friday. Now what?

So we’ve reached the end of a long week. Time to recharge, be with family, leave work at work.

But what to do with a week like this past one where there is so much overflow, it can’t be contained or sequestered for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation?

Make a to do list?
Work through the weekend?
Ignore it all?

I’m leaning toward a traditional to do list. Write down all the overflow, prioritize, calendar it if that’s appropriate, then set it aside for Monday.

I cannot fully enjoy my two sons’ ball games and our local mini-maker faire tomorrow if the overflow of work is pushing on my mind. Write it down and set it aside.

And even with all of it set aside, I live, work and play in this town. My children attend my school and we are all out and about on weekends. Inasmuch as I can set aside last week’s to do list, I am always “on.” Not a complaint, just a fact. That part I am used to.

So we cheer on the baseball players, chat with neighbors and friends, talk school here and there, but acknowledge that it is everyone’s weekend. Mine too.  And my to do list is safe and sound for Monday.

Time to be mom, wife, friend and neighbor.


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