April Fools!!!

So the whole blogging thing has completely gotten away from me, dropped off the plate, been left to the wayside, whatever euphemism you prefer.  Considering something more motivating than a New Year’s Resolution, I’m going with my own private April Fool’s Day joke… back to blogging.

If I can “trick” myself into using this reflective tool more consistently, it won’t feel like a burden or a must-do that I just don’t have time for.  Nothing big, no major novels, just a reflective comment or two to wrap up a busy elementary school day.

So it’s a rainy April Fool’s Day and a furlough day as well.  How about that for an April Fool.  hrumph!  I just finished my first Google site for a school event: National Poetry Month.  I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  It’s another one of those projects that I throw out and hope it sticks to a few.  No huge expectations or pressure.  It’s a great activity for students, motivating for some, not all and equally so for teachers.

Happy April Fool’s Day!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings for this wanna-be, oughta-be, should be blogger.


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