The First Year Comes to a Close… sort of.

My first year as principal has flown by.  Our last day of school was Friday, and I thoroughly enjoyed the well-wishers and smiling faces sharing congrats on year number one.  It was a bittersweet close to an enjoyable foray into educational leadership.  A colleague downtown had to remind me to focus on the many that are happy with our school and my leadership rather than the few that remain disappointed or dissatisfied.

Now I’m off to try manage the summer months… try to unplug a bit now and then, take some time to reflect and plan for 12-13, read a lot, play with my boys every time they ask (or don’t ask), reconnect with my husband, blog once a week,… sounds like a to do list.

But rather than a to do list, I’d like to practice balance in my weeks away from school.  Even as a teacher, I always thought about school, all summer long.  Life is about teaching and learning… so many encounters, adventures, experiences would connect to the classroom for me.  How can I share this with students?  How can our school try this?

Now it’s about teaching, learning and leading… not so different.  But balance is the goal–do not read the RSS feed all morning, do not stare at the school calendar pondering staff meeting improvements when your boys want to go for a bike ride, do not participate in a twitter chat when your husband wants to go out to eat…

So the goal is balance, and with that said, I’m closing (to practice).


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