Time to plug back in… CUE 2012!

In Palm Springs quite unexpectedly for CUE 2012.  Our assistant superintendent was unable to attend and suggested (on Monday) that I attend in her place.  Sure.  Why not.  I have some questions that CUE and my people will be able to help out with… when is it?  Thursday?!?! So here I am, day 2, on the balcony of our room, pondering 2 days of ed tech, conversations, presentations, ideas, frustrations, connections… CUE rocks! I haven’t blogged in months… work and life get in the way.  But it’s this kind of immersion in the things of education that I’m passionate about–students and teachers using tools to excel, grow and explore.  Well, I’m excited to be blogging about these past days and get back in the groove. As a first year principal, I have to keep my eyes lifted to the leadership and vision of the school community rather than staying buried in the minutiae of management.  So easy to let happen. Common Core Assessment with @coryrobertson started my Thursday morning.  Totally overwhelming, but so necessary to hear and (attempt to) digest.  Then a partial session on Piaget, Papert and Bloom… it was standing room only and I just couldn’t see well enough to stay.

@hdiblasi did a great job sharing resources during Give Kids the World: Collaborating with a Global Community.  It dovetailed well with the Common Core presentation in that Cory emphasized WRITING–real topics, real audiences, editing, revising… global projects provide that platform for students.  And I especially enjoyed the reminder that “global” can be the classroom next door, a town over, a different state or continent.

Started the today with keynote speaker Diane Ravitch.  Especially loved the twitter backchannel during her talk… don’t know much about Diane’s point of view or politics, but tweeps filled in the blanks. Uplifting–not so much, but a huge reality check and a nice prompt to check my vision, check my bias, check my understandings of the system.  I never subscribe to “the sky is falling” and unfortunately in education, it seems the sky does nothing but fall.  I’m a steadfast cup-half-full gal.  We can do this.  One step at a time.

My first session choice was full beyond breathing room, but I stumbled into something even better.  @ken_shelton gave a great talk on Producing Powerful and Effective Presentations.   A lot of obvious things we already know but his delivery and visuals really brought the points home.  What a gifted presenter.

Ventured into a “ticket only” Apple session, the ones with folks sitting out in the hallways for hours (or so it seems).  Considering putting iPads in teachers’ hands next year while we wait for some direction on student machines.  We have plenty of technology on our site and it makes sense as a step forward to equip teachers.  At any rate, thought I’d get some info from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  @douglasland did a great job (bow tie and all).  But it was really a tips and tricks session–apostrophe with the shift key, zooming with 3 finger motion, etc.  Great tips and tricks, that’s for sure, but not the info I was looking for.

So sitting on the balcony, reflecting.  I think my iPad plan is sound.  Ready to continue the roll out of Common Core.  Have some great leads for teachers on global connections for students.  It’s been a good 2 days, but wait!  There’s more!

Tonight is the CUE affiliate get-together opportunity and karaoke!  We have a lead on a great Mexican seafood spot for dinner.  And next week is spring break!

Life is good.  And it’s time to plug back in.


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