Keep Starting Until You Finish

Each day at work, since I’ve started reading and rereading Seth

Poke the Box

Godin’s Poke the Box, I am walking to Cleveland.  He talks about starting something–it’s not an event.  “Starting something is a series of events.” He further uses the illustration of walking to Cleveland.  One foot in front of the other, sun up to sun down.  Then what?  You sleep and keep going the next day.  The bottom line–Keep starting until you finish. I can do that.  I think I do that exact thing each day.  Met with a colleague about the school plan.  Studied the template in relation to notes I have from School Site Council discussions.  Began writing a first draft.  Adjusted my first draft.  Sleep, wake, continue.  It’s not an event; it’s a series of events. I’m enjoying this book.  I think I’ve read 2/3 of the book about four times now.  The tidbits are forehead-slapping in their obviousness, but who ever thinks that logically or pragmatically?  When I’m knee-deep in the school plan, I’m only thinking This will never be done… This is a nightmare… What am I doing?!?!?  But really it’s just one of a series of events until I’m finished.  No problem. So things become manageable, do-able.

It’s just the message I needed.  Thanks you Seth Godin.


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