Saturday Morning–a fresh look at the week gone by

Ah Saturday Morning.  What a great time of the week.  Work without an alarm, read the paper without watching the clock, in my robe until I feel like changing… it’s a good time to reflect on the week.

Our weekly assembly started off our Monday morning.  Students were not listening as well as the week before, but at our staff meeting we decided it’s all an improvement from last year, so we’ll continue to teach the behaviors, compliment the positive and make the assembly relevant to all students.

IEP is my middle name for the coming month.  Monday kicked it off, only to be side tracked by my monthly k-12 principals meeting.  Designee, you’re on!  K-12 was informative.  Although in my position, all these meetings are chock-full of information I didn’t know or didn’t fully understand.  I did spend time in two classrooms during the morning–awesome math lessons, productive group problem solving and very engaged students.

Tuesday was an all day BEST training (Building Effective Schools Together).  Our team was at the county office for the day, soaking in the reminders, chewing on things that need tweaking and generally enjoying collaborating on a whole-school project.

Wednesday–did I mention IEPs?  At noon I met with our student leadership team (GLT) and broached the subject of Spirit Days.  Historically they involved crazy hats, dress-like-fill-in-the-blank, or Pajama Day.  To me, these aren’t really reflective of school spirit.  And of course, this group remained true to the theme–Crazy Hair Day, Safari Day, and the like.  Ugh.  Thought: Why did I bring it up?  Said: I’ll check with teachers and get back to you.  Then a rousing staff meeting (where we all had a chuckle over spirit day ideas), an informal Student Study Team meeting, and some tech check-in and training to round out the day.  Google Apps… here we come!

Thursday was a time for classroom visits.  I’m calendaring chunks of time for this these days and it’s working fairly well.  I also write a note to the teacher on duplicate pages so 1) I can acknowledge the great things I’m seeing and 2) keep track of classrooms/subjects I’m visiting.  The afternoon finished with an intermediate team meeting with our RSP teacher about scheduling, services and how best to bridge IEP goals and classroom instruction.

Friday was odd.  One sick child at home (oh yeah–I’m a mom).  Left him home to start my day and get my Designee on board, check email, etc.  Back home with Josh for a few hours until our lovely neighbor got home to sit with him.  Back to work… games in multi for lunch time.  I love this time to get to know students, watch how they work together, coach individuals or pairs through a new game, watch a small group put a puzzle together… talk about authentic assessment!  Some visits to science and social studies in our 4th and 6th grades is always fun.  I love these grades’ curriculum–so interesting.  Finished the day with a conference–Would our 1st grader benefit by returning to kindergarten?  It was a great conversation between current teachers, past teacher and parents.

Amidst all that were various requests for Do you have a minute?  I had KP duties in our kitchen this week but failed miserably at the making-the-coffee part of KP.  I did recover with the bring-snacks-for-Friday part though.  A few calls to elementary principal colleagues with questions.  Four new students arrived on campus this week.  A portion of CBEDS was due only to stump me at the computer part.  How many computers do we have on campus that are less than 48 months old?  If I answer this accurately, we have 1.  If I disregard the 48 month part, we have 100.  We buy mainly refurbished computers–arriving at our door they are 2-3 years old.  So I made another call and await the answer.  Scheduled a few Student Student Teams for the month, got the ok to send our intermediate team to a CAG symposium, and printed/organized/binder-ed math assessment for the year.

So on Saturday morning… it’s all a triumph.  A look back and consider it a week well done.  Ah, I love Saturday morning.


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