A lack of rhythm

My latest goal was to stay 3 days ahead in terms of agendas, assembly notes, bulletins, preparation for meetings, etc.  It’s a great idea.  Unfortunately the front office lacks any kind of rhythm.  Of course there’s the barrage of scraped knees and tummy aches at recess and lunch time, but other than that, it’s fairly random.

The classroom is based on predictable rhythms–math, language arts, music, recess, etc.  Yes, days vary, but what’s coming next is clear.  The unexpected comes through the lovely humans we work with in the classroom–brilliant, needy, disruptive, hard-working, funny, shy, and everything in between.  And all these personalities pop up in the office as well.

So my new dilemma is whether to attempt to apply a rhythm to my days or just go with the random-ness.  It’s sounds like a question to pose to a veteran principal.  So many of the things that end up filling the day are completely un-calendar-able.  I didn’t even know they were coming my way.  All valuable and important conversations, interactions and tasks, but unpredictable.

Even as I chew on the question, it becomes obvious that my job is to roll with the random-ness.  I keep to my 3 days ahead plan as best I can, and stay flexible to the other stuff.  Be ready for interruptions, be ready for a Do you have a minute?  The alternative is to always feel at odds with the unscheduled things and be thrown off by it all.  That won’t work.

I suppose it all does relate to the missing materials for a science activity (go to plan B), or the cancelled assembly (go to plan B), or the technology snafu (go to plan B).  The teacher in me could always roll with the bumps and keep the day moving forward in a positive, productive manner.  Why should it be any different now?

Onward & Upward!


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