Things I am trying

It’s almost the end of September and I’m still treading water fairly well.  Three hundred ninety students, 19 teachers and an array of support staff… with me at the helm.

Two things that I’m trying out…

1) It is totally ineffective to get out to classroom here and there.  It just doesn’t happen.  Too many other ‘important’ things get in the way.  This week I scheduled two chunks of classroom time on my calendar.  Leave the office and don’t come back until my classroom ‘appointment’ is finished.  That was the plan.  It sort of worked.  I was interrupted for student discipline.  As a result, I didn’t leave the office again until lunch time.  Ugh.

My next classroom visit appointment is Thursday.  I hope I do a better job of keeping to my goal.

2) We have a funky lunch time/lunch recess thing going on now.  Normally students eat and then can be dismissed back to the playground.  Currently our playground is under construction.  This means students eat, then play without cross over.  As a result, some students are getting restless toward the end of their ‘eating time.’

When the rain comes, I wanted to make our multi-use room available to a few students per class for board games, drawing and other quiet activities.  The lunch time restlessness was the perfect testing ground of Rainy Day Games in the Multi.  So down I traveled with my cart full of games to try it out at lunch.  Mancala, Connect 4, checkers, simple jigsaw puzzles, Uno and some individual puzzle-type games.  Today was Day 2.  Will you be back tomorrow Mrs. Haugen?  Can I play Mancala tomorrow?  Can you get a harder puzzle?  I think that’s a good sign.

Interesting to consider that both my new items are around student contact.  I’m definitely missing it.  Lunch times fills me up–that’s for sure.  But classroom time, quiet, small-group time, heartfelt chit chat with students, that’s what I miss.


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