Team BEST!

Our county office offered 3 days of BEST training to a team of 5.  BEST is Building Effective Schools Together from the University of Oregon.  I attended BEST training about 10 or 11 years ago when our school first adopted the program.

It’s fairly basic.  3 tiers of behavior need.  5 acknowledgments to 1 admonishment.  BEST behaviors instead of an exhaustive list of no’s and don’t’s.

The first two days of training were this past Thursday and Friday.  Since we’ve had BEST on our campus for a while I was anxious as to the tone and approach of the training.  Turns out we needed a bare bones, back-to-basics training.  Despite ‘doing’ a program, lots of folks on campus had no idea where it came from or much more than the select items we were implementing most.

It also turns out I brought the right team–Team BEST!  We were constantly throwing out ideas, questions, and what if’s.  Our presented did a good job balancing the presentation with team work time.  And we came out with a good 3-month plan.

Currently we use BEST tickets as a positive incentive piece, weekly BEST assembly to promote positive behavior, celebrate success and set the tone for the week and we use BEST behaviors in most areas of the school.  Next steps: BEST Assembly behavior, reminders about teaching the behaviors, then revamping the BEST ticket in October and working on game rules for the playground in November.

I’m excited.  Go Team BEST!


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