Edcampsfbay got me fired up!

Skyline High School–beautiful graffiti-style murals, long hallways, factory green paint, that unmistakable high school aroma…

Welcome to edcampsfbay!

We signed in, got our swag bags and checked the session board.  Clearly we were in good hands–organized, friendly, diverse.  And this was the first time I was meeting Twitter folks face to face–how cool!  @Dowbiggin was at check-in, I spied @teachingwithsoul across the room and @McTeach was outside.  And then the card trading… oh yeah, I have a business card now.  How weird.

Sessions were good but I must highlight the conversation spearheaded by @McTeach called Where are you??!?!  She threw out the question–Where are all the teachers?  Why aren’t more folks plugged in to edcamp?

It was a great conversation–apathy, full plates, testing pressure, geography, infrastructure, motivation, fear… Lots of ideas around lack of attendance and interest in ed tech.  What could be more inviting for educators–quality PD, free, in the neighborhood, not required, lots of choice, collaborative, casual… it seems like the perfect fit.  So Where are you?!?!

Tina got us circling around PR… could we piggyback on Fall CUE for the next edcamp?  How do we market the project better to reach outside the circle of folks who are already fired up?

No real answers here, but I sure am motivated.  Just a few at a time–I’ll take it.  Push and pull for a few converts at a time.  More training, more support, more hand-holding… It will click one way or another–tools for teachers or tools for students.  I’ll take either one as a first step.

On comment is sticking with me (more of a question): How do we move ed tech from substitution for old ways to transformation of the whole teaching/learning model?  Maybe this is part of the problem.  We present from a substitution point of view and never get to the transformative part.  Ideally the conversation would come around to that but it doesn’t.  How about starting with transformation?  What does that look like?

Thanks @McTeach–all fired up in Petaluma!


3 thoughts on “Edcampsfbay got me fired up!

  1. Awesome review of yesterday’s EdCamp! I was also struck by the diversity at EdCampSFBay.

    You’ve got me thinking about ed tech as a transformational tool. I agree that we’re still stuck in the substitution mode–LCD projectors instead of overhead projectors; PowerPoint presentations instead of poster boards. The real question is *how* we begin to transform the classroom with technology. I have a feeling that the students are going to be the ones to force this issue. We’re already seeing it with BYOD–savvy teachers are realizing that most students already have powerful devices. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Catina – I’m so glad I got to meet you yesterday!! We love it when principals show up to talk about edtech, or even education in general! Loved having you in our Where are you? session yesterday. That conversation really has me fired up also! Would you be willing to help organize something for Fall CUE? (here’s the link to that, by the way: http://www.cue.org/fall/ ) We don’t have a lot of time to set something up, but I’m sure, working together with a few others, we can be awesome!!

    Let’s do this!!!!

  3. Catina – Great write up of EdcampSFBay. I am already looking forward to next years and inspired for the possibility of having an EdcampWineCountry (the name is a bit long, but we can work on that) because I know of so many Sonoma/Napa county educators that could be inspired by their peers just like we were.

    I look forward to keeping in touch and being inspired in the future!

    +Shana (@ShanaatCC)

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