A Tough Tech Day (but I won) (or did I?)

I hate my computer.  I hate Google sites.  I hate widgets.  I hate embed-anything.  I hate Picasa AND Flickr.

Ok.  Not really.  But those thought were going through my head as I spent hours today trying to embed a lovely slideshow into our Google website.  How hard could it be??!?!

Climbing Mount Everest would have been easier.

It was one of those why-isn’t-the-internet-more-helpful-right-now moments.

Solution?  Allow Google to rule the world.  Succumb to all-things-Picasa (for now at least).  Don’t try any code-heavy work-arounds that I’m a novice at trying on my best day.

Ta-da!  The slideshow is in.  Check it out and celebrate with me!

But wait… just as I attempt to provide a link to my day’s triumph… no slideshow.  Ugh.  I hate Google, I hate widgets…

But I will win.  Not to worry.


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