Reform Symposium 2011… best laid plans…

It’s been on the calendar for months… bookmarked… Diigo’d… Twibbon’d…

Life still swirls about.

So here I sit awaiting The Reform Symposium Day 2 Closing by the Couros brothers and I’ve only tuned in to two sessions… (sigh)

The good news… THEY ROCKED!

First Principal El (@Principal_El) hit us with an amazing, inspiring, tear-inducing, fired up talk on leadership, teachers and our service to children.  What a fantastic speaker–so much passion, experience and knowledge.  My school looks like a walk in the park compared to his students’ experiences, but the bottom line remains–“it’s the duty of the administration to serve the people.”  I agree.

If you have a chance, you need to hear this man.

Just now I tuned in to Henrietta Miller (@HenriettaMi) speaking about encouraging and supporting teachers to engage with technology.  The downside was the 30 minute slot, but Ms. Miller jammed a lot of good info into her brief time–TeachMeets (like an EdCamp), blogging, TekkieBrekkies (a break time for learning, drop in, by choice), and my favorite reminder–try not to eat the elephant all at once.  So true.

So despite my life getting in the way of my learning, I got plugged in and enjoyed the sessions immensely.  Can’t wait for 7 o’clock!


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