The Newsletter Design

So I’ve fiddled with a variety of online publishing tools over the last three days and narrowed my trials to our wiki and WordPress.  How funny that all that searching, trying, writing, editing, and publishing brings me right back to two of my favorite tools.  No wonder they are so awesome!  Multiple formats, uses, structures, audiences–the sign of a quality tool.

So it was wiki vs. WordPress.  I don’t know much about boxing, but the visual came to mind quite a bit as I worked.  Ultimately it came down to aesthetic.  If I were a boxing fan, I’m sure I’d chose my guy based on the shorts he wore.  Too shiny?  Too baggy?  Just right?

So WordPress won.  I found the theme I liked, the coloring, the way the articles within a post can be formatted, and the ability to print a single post for those that need a hardcopy–it was a knock out!

Enough with the boxing analogy.

While a wiki will do the job, formatting is so much more of a task if I didn’t want text just running and running down a page.  To get a ‘newsletter look’ required a bit of wrangling with tables and alignment.  It could definitely work and I did arrive at a workable page that could become a template for our newsletter, but once I got the WordPress page organized, it was no contest.

Currently The New Shamrock Newsletter remains private.  But with formatting and widgets in place, it’s ready for a public debut right at the start of the year.  Yahoo!



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