The room was packed!

The RoomI finished cleaning out my room today.  It’s been reduced to piles that go hither and yon.  It may not look ‘done’ here but trust me, it is.  It was quite a historical journey going through file cabinets, boxes and binders.

Some of the funniest moments were finding old, teacher-made projects, curriculum and activities–Boy! Did I work hard!  Some pieces were awesome, others, not so much.  It made me giggle to see the low or no-tech approach I employed.  Lots of cutting and scotch-taping.

After I had stopped reminiscing and smiling, I felt sad that today’s curriculum tries to out-think a teacher, remove our own creativity and that of our students, and provide everything we could possibly need or want.  It just can’t ever measure up to an invested, caring, highly-skilled teacher.

I’ve been referring to all my things as ‘junk’ but I realize a lot of that ‘junk’ is valuable to me–emotionally mostly.  It’s part of the educator I am, helped me grow, learn and reflect.  But truly, the ‘junk’ is just that.  Time to let it go and move on.  The growth, learning and reflection remain (that’s the real value), but the boxes and piles can go to someone who will use them or to the dumpster.


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