I did it!

I accepted the job of Principal at my own elementary school last week.

It’s still sinking in.

After 3 interviews, many sleepless nights, much well-wishing from those around me, a lot of self-talk about the scenarios, what if I don’t get it… and the like, and many notes and rehearsals in front of the mirror and alone in the car… I did it.

My first reaction was the realization at how truly stressed I had been.  I felt like I was managing the situation well, planning, preparing, giving the needed attention to my current sixth grade class… juggling a lot, but managing it.  Oh contraire mon Frere. 

The final phone call came on Tuesday evening and I swear I immediately lost 50 lbs. from each shoulder and floated through the rest of the evening.  A huge weight had lifted.

So now a week and a bit later, I’m enjoying the well-wishes and congratulations from those around me, giving my full attention to my sixth graders to finish the year well and beginning to think through all the first things I want to do.  It’s a gigantic list, each with a #1 at the start.  Not reality, I know, but motivating.

I think now I can say that I’m proud of myself.

And soon the real work will begin.  I am ready.


One thought on “I did it!

  1. Congratulations, Catina! I love your sharing all the thoughts and feelings about this new adventure. What a vote of confidence to be hired by your own elementary school–home-grown leaders are the best, I think! They wouldn’t have hired you if they had any doubts. You are proud, and rightly so.

    Have a great summer getting ready for a new chapter,

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