Just For The Fun of It

So it’s no secret to folks who know me that I LOVE The New Yorker.  I take a lot of time with each issue and keep it nearby until the next one arrives.  When a decent stack is built and I’ve gone through them AGAIN for any great items I missed, I go through to pull out all cartoons that work at school.

I put about 4 cartoons outside my room and thoroughly enjoy watching students read them (appropriate content, always).  The read, they reread, they pause, and then (wait for it) they laugh.  It’s so interesting to watch the realization dawn on their faces.  It’s rare for a student to read and ‘get it’ in the same moment.  I love the ‘think time’ that The New Yorker cartoons require.

So if you know my favorite magazine, you know there’s a Caption Contest.  Every week there’s a caption-less cartoon, the last week’s 3 finalist captions and the winning caption from 2 weeks ago.

Students can do this!

So this week I launched our Student Caption Contest.  I put out the caption-less cartoon, some slips of paper and a pen.  Viola!  I have about 20 ideas!  On Monday, I’m going to put them all out in front of my room with the invitation: Students, come read  the humor of your peers!

No voting necessary.  It’s a fun, literary, semantic exercise, just for the fun of it.

We need more of that–Just For The Fun of It.


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