It’s like Christmas in February!

Continuing to roll out the final phase of a 3 year project at our site–projectors in all classrooms and 42″ flat screens in kindergarten.  The whole goal was to provide the tools for teachers to deliver the curriculum in the manner that it’s designed (video, audio, multimedia) and open up the possibilities for greater student engagement (and of course, achievement) through the possibilities of the web.  Show the publisher’s math video to introduce your lesson.  Check out the Great Wall of China on Google Earth.  Brainstorm relevant words for students to pull from while writing.  The ideas are endless.

This week, kindergarten was checked off the list (although training remains).  Teacher computers are connected to 42″ flat screens.  Two of our teachers were absolutely giddy with excitement!  “I can pre-teach the Tuxpaint lesson before lab tomorrow!”  “Oh, let’s look at social studies!”  “Now what do I push on the remote again?”  “Can we show the math video too?”  It was great.

Educators and parents talk a lot about the tools necessary in kids’ hands: appropriate textbooks, math manipulatives, collaborative projects.   But teachers need up-to-date materials and tools as well.  It’s gratifying to take some time (and a lot of money) to provide what teachers need.  And it’s even more rewarding to see how excited they get.  It’s like Christmas!

Next step?

I’m stalking the UPS guy for our projectors, mounts and oodles of cables to arrive.  And we’re figuring out training opportunities.  It’s going to be great!


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