And the project gets rolling…

Submitted $4000 in purchase orders today.  And it feels GREAT!

In the fall, we were awarded a $14,000 grant to finish a project here on campus–projectors in all primary classrooms.  We (students & teachers) need to have the tools to demonstrate, share, deliver the curriculum in the way it was designed and in a manner consistent with 2011.

Our installation is in order, our projectors have been selected, cables measured, shopping list built (CDW-G rocks!) and we hit ‘send.’  So now we wait on the mailman.

I am without-words-so-excited!  I’ve had these tools to use with my sixth graders for two years.  I can’t wait to see the eye-openning amazingness on our teachers faces when they realize the true potential of the tools we’ve purchased.

Studying community?  Head to a Google map of Petaluma, CA!  Wanting to model fractions?   Head to National Library of Virtual Manipulatives and let your students do the driving!  Just went on a field trip?  Open a Word document and brainstorm together!

I’ve stepped off my soapbox about interactive whiteboards–someone must think they’re valuable.  Not me.  Students are the interaction.  Technology is the tool.  My worn-out analogy: if you didn’t think round-robin reading was effect, your interactive whiteboard is the 21st Century equivalent.  Think about it.

Ok, off the soapbox again.

I’ll be the first one to meet the mailman/UPS guy at the door.  Thank you, is that box for me? (grin)



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