Sumdog… check it out

So math facts are becoming the bane of my educational existence.  My sixth graders should know them, quickly, easily, no fingers involved.  They don’t.

I remember well sitting at our yellow and white formica table in a yellow swiveling bucket seat being drilled on flash cards until dinner was ready.  It was a routine, and it worked.  I would never be on the side of drill-and-kill but in this instance, drill-and-know was effective.

So Sumdog is just one more place where my students can practice their math facts.  It’s free, they design a simple avatar for themselves, choose from a variety of games and levels and get to work.  I highly recommend it.

Additionally Sumdog has two other modes that can be set up by the teacher.  The Challenge mode is an individual Challenge to get to a certain number of problems with various criteria in place (type of games, level of math, etc.).  The Competition mode is similar but that a Leader Board is established so it’s a bit student versus student.  I’ve tried both to varied success.  Bottom line–they are doing a lot of math, enjoying themselves and possibly working closer to the mastery I achieved in my kitchen with my mom.


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