This is one proud teacher talking…

Multimedia… I throw it around, admire it, want my students to ‘get it’.

Research… (see above)

Goal: authentic research presented in a multimedia format with a student speaking from authority.


Here’s the situation.  I asked my students to research India (ancient or contemporary) and make a list of interesting things they found.  Way open-ended and ultimately very fruitful.  We generated a random, length list of ideas, places, people and factoids.  Next step, each student was to pick a topic to research, put together a multimedia wiki page using tools we’ve learned and used so far (a Wordle, hand-drawn art captured on the doc cam, images from the internet, video, Powerpoint embedded on the wiki, etc.), prepare a maximum of 5 notecards and speak for 3-5 minutes on the chosen subject.  And I added the stipulation that the only ‘language’ on the wiki was a title, captions and url sources.


I mean, wow.

The life of Buddha was covered with authority and complexity.  The Water Palace was shown, described and given historic context.  The Pillar of Delhi was shown, explained and wondered over.

Basically, they knocked it out of the park.  (grin)

And the best part was their collaboration.  Did I mention that they worked as individuals?  This was not a group project.  Yet, when it comes to tech, don’t we all need a buddy?  “How do I get my Powerpoint on to my wiki?”  I responded with the names of 3 students who knew how–ask them.  “Where is my picture Mrs. Haugen took a picture of earlier?”  Again, I reference 2 or 3 students–ask them.  It was magical.

As a bonus, everyone enjoyed ‘touring’ India in this manner.  We saw the sights, heard the facts, and learned a lot.  Bravo, class!


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