The People Around Me

A major mantra with my students is, “you can only control yourself.”   As sixth graders, their into-other’s-business-ness is exhausting.  We’re high on the ladder here in a K-6 elementary setting, so, of course, we know best.  Constructive criticism is one thing, but minding your own bee’s wax is a good way to go too.

So I turned my mantra on myself today.  You can only control yourself, Catina.

I try my hardest to be positive, kill ’em with kindness, suggest and hope, cup half full, I might try…, etc, etc, etc.  I save my ranting and hair-pulling for my closest people.  Ranting and hair-pulling just doesn’t get you anywhere, I know this.

And now as I reflect, my focus shifts from “those folks” to the ones around me that keep me going.  Smiles, questions, honest reflection and thoughtful comments… people who think about students as much as themselves.  People who think about big goals as much as funding.  People who spend time when time is needed regardless of whose time it is.  People who laugh at my geek-wanna-be-ness.  People who get excited about crazy ideas.  People who are constantly learning and growing even when they’re new and the learning curve is Mount Everest high.

These are the People Around Us that make life interesting, exhilarating, and awesome!  These are the folks who off-set “those folks” who wear us down, stretch our patience and limit our vision.

I don’t know about your school, but I’ve got a lot of People Around Me who build me up and keep me going.  And tomorrow I’m going to make a point to thank them.


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