Have I mentioned my Hovercam?

I was searching for a less expensive version of the coveted Elmo document camera at the start of the school year.  I found the perfect fit for $300–the Hovercam.

Favorite Doc Cam Trick So Far: As I teach, display student work and demonstrate, my Hovercam can capture the image.  No big deal.  Then, I created a feed through Picasa (the images upload in one step) to show off all our captured learning on our wiki.  It’s a great way to keep parents connected to our classroom.

Favorite Doc Cam Sharing: My two neighbors (both 4th grade teachers) are putting in order for their Hovercams tomorrow!  I did a little dog-and-pony show in my room one afternoon (couldn’t contain my excitement), and of course, the tool speaks for itself.  Sold!

Favorite Doc Cam Math Application: We are working through operations with fractions.  To understand multiplying fractions, we use a model (a box that equals 1, divided into fractional parts), do some shading and see the fractional answer.  It is a perfect illustration of how multiplying two fractional parts results in a smaller fraction.  So students draw their models, we discuss a few samples on the Hovercam, then I capture each students’ work.  They love it!  Neatness improves, labeling improves, everyone wants their math to be the sample and join the Picasa feed.  Hooray!

It’s so good when the tools aren’t complicated and enhance student learning and engagement immediately.


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