Why do I blog?

Was thinking about this quite a bit since I’ve shared with a few more folks recently that I have a blog. It feels weird to say it, like Look at me, I have a blog. That’s so far from how I feel about it. I’ve considered the why of it:

1) I love to write–no apologies or explanations, I truly enjoy it
2) The blog is where I get out my soap-boxing, my stewing, my chewing, my reflections–if I don’t get it out, I continue the stewing part–not productive for the long-run
3) I enjoy the mental exercise of getting my thoughts on “paper”–my mental rambling doesn’t come through my fingers to the keyboard in nice neat paragraphs, it requires further reflection and refinement
4) It’s fun–that sounds odd too. But honestly, I do look forward to getting things down and hitting Publish after I’ve done #2 and #3
5) Someday someone might read something I wrote and get a good idea–I would love to influence another teacher with something positive going on in my little sixth grade world. I have been very influenced by the educational blogs I read.


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