One Whole Beef

Yesterday was Beef Wrapping Day in Redwood Valley.

My extended family lives in the country, and every couple years we purchase a few cows (sometimes to raise to maturity, sometimes already grown).  My dad was a butcher years ago, so we have the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.  My grandpa built the skinning shed, workroom, and walk-in freezer.  It’s the complete set-up.

What do I bring to the party?  Wrapping skills.  Yes, I’m pretty handy with the roll of waxed paper, the roll of unwaxed paper, the butcher’s tape and sharpie (color coding per family).  My husband, Jeff, mans the tenderizer (think: cube steak) and the grinder for burger and generally hauls things around that need to be hauled.

It’s pretty amazing the chit-chat that goes on in the workshop over a day of processing beef.  Comparisons of flat screen tv’s.  What brand weed wacker to buy; 2 stroke or 4 stroke?  What’s the different between top sirloin and sirloin?  Is there a bottom sirloin?  Stories of injuries related to power tools.  Why it’s a pain (but lucrative) to sell Christmas trees at the Firehouse.

I learn a lot on these days.  Call it my red-neck PLN.  Note: I use the phrase red-neck with 100% love and affection.

So now the freezer is full to the gills with all cuts of beef.  My husband couldn’t resist and cooked himself a burger at 9pm last night.  Goofy.


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