Thanksgiving Break and it all comes to a screeching halt

Now what?

Two weeks of conferences, 29 report cards, social studies projects, the Annual Book Fair, a grant presentation and grant committee site visit, district committee work around year 3 PI status, RtI Q&A…

Saturday morning.  The first of 9 solid days of home/family time (2 furlough days with our normal 3 days vacation).  With energy conservation efforts in full swing, I’m not even allowed to be on the school campus.

How pathetic that I’m so restless.  It’s tough to come to a full stop like this.  Hurry & Relax–is that even possible?

So I catch up on my Google Reader pieces, check my student blogs, is there a cool woot t-shirt available today?  And I make big plans for when I return to my 6th graders–new projects and engaging work with Google forms.

And I come to a full stop–on the floor with Legos, making hot chocolate for the boys, not bothering with a shower on this first day of break… ok, so maybe I can wrap my mind around just BEING, and not nearly so much DOING.  I can try.



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