EdcampNorCal… I’m psyched!

EdcampKC happened yesterday.  I tuned in briefly (sigh).

Then today I followed various Tweets relating to the doings at edcampkc and got curious… how did it happen?  who did it?  how did they organize?

I googled edcamp and found the wikispaces site.  Then the Edutopia articles by Mary Beth Hertz were very informative and clear.  And well, of course, three Tweets later, Kevin Jarrett shared a video by True Life Media on Edcamp Philly that brought the whole thing together for me.  I can see it now…

Grant School, as many classrooms as necessary, plus the computer lab and library.  Information out to all Sonoma County schools and beyond.  Sharing, learning, debating, eyes opening, ideas sprouting, minds expanding, teachers feeling valued as teachers and learners and leaders.  Bagels, cream cheese and hot coffee.  Brown bag lunches and soda for the pm.  A sunny day with new and old friends mingling under the trees at the picnic tables, taking a break from minds exploding with ideas and insight.

Then reality sets in.  Where to begin?  The team seems the natural first step.  Names come to mind immediately.  Sponsors?  We have a very generous community, but I go back to money as not being the end-all-be-all to the event.  I love that part.  It’s free (other than human effort and time).   I give away my time and energy constantly–without thought.  It’s what we do for others.  It’s what we do for kids.  It’s what we do.  Why would I need to be paid to be a sharing, caring human being/educator/learner.

Here’s the list:

  1. Team–get excited!
  2. Date of EdcampNorCal (I’m thinking the week before school begins in 2011/2012)
  3. Press Releases
  4. Find sponsors (or should this be #3?)
  5. Organize the venue (we don’t support a wireless network–currently & we have a very strict network filter)
  6. What do I want to share? (this is the fun part)

Next steps: I need to talk to someone.  Bounce ideas, hear the pitfalls, understand the logistics, throw out my ideas/concerns/anxiety, get excited together.

Too bad it’s 6pm on Sunday.  I’m ready to call people and get them on board!


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