Standards-based Report Cards and Teacher Learning-curves


In the lab, 18 of us, figuring out, sharing, trouble-shooting, finding solutions, frustrated, relieved, collaborating, talking it out, arguing, defending, questioning, printing, adjusting, agreeing,…

We’re a group of been-through its, never-seen its, like-its and don’t want its.  How to come together and support one another?

Today we did.

The standards-based report card is a debate unto itself, but today we worked to get everyone up and running, despite philosophical differences, despite technological know-how or not, despite grade changes this year, despite sharing students.  We came together.

3:30 A lot of sighs.  A lot of smiles.  Some hugs.  Some laughing.  Fewer furrowed brows.  Fewer groans.  More understanding.  Relief at knowing rather than not knowing.  Gratefulness for those willing to share.  Relief at those willing to listen and take guidance.

We spent 1 1/2 hours wrestling, sharing, moving forward.  I am proud of us.


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