Teachers rock!

So at our school site, we strive to keep (relatively) up to date.  We have an impressive tech plan, benchmarks for tech at each grade level and an active tech committee.  Our PTA actively supports on-going support and maintenance of computers and tech-related systems on campus.

With all that said, we purchased new teacher systems late last year.  That project was a total fiasco, but today I’m hear to shout the praises of our teachers and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work.

The twenty old teacher systems needed to be dealt with–keep as back up, send to e-waste, yank memory, strip off Office (we’re strict about licensing around here), etc.  Who’s going to do this?  How’s it going to happen?  Did I mention storage is a major issue?

A work party was suggested.  Great, let’s do it.  Grumbles, cup-half-empty remarks…  Let’s just try.  If we get 6 to 8 teachers, haul in the old computers, connect them in the lab, how hard will it be to sort them into keep or toss?

2:45pm 8 school faculty members arrive.  Direction are given as folks wander in.  Machines are plugged in and booted.  Ginny, our lab coordinator, cruises around to log in and check capabilities.  Lori uninstalled Office as needed.  Paul opened machines and yanked memory.  Others unplugged and returned lab machines to normal.  Some took masking tape to label “e-waste” or “keep” and sort accordingly.  We rebooted lab machines to ensure workability with students tomorrow.

3:20pm We were finishing the last machine.  Wow!  Teachers rock!

It’s not just about the generosity of PTA or the time spent by the tech committee, but the willingness of all folks involved to roll up their sleeves and pitch in–where ever, when ever they can.  I love that.

Now the question remains: When is the e-waste truck arriving?


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