Cutting For Stone

What a great read!  It was one of those titles that floated around media outlets and conversations a bit too much for my taste (usually the case, at least).  When I read the back cover and discovered it was about doctors in Ethiopia, I was interested.

Mountains Beyond Mountains is one of my favorite books and anything written by Atul Gawande is terrific and to be read multiple times.

Cutting For Stone didn’t disappoint.  I found myself particularly drawn to the political situation in Ethiopia (usually not my style).  The whole twin-thing is always interesting, and both characters were fat and dynamic–something I relish.

I knew as I read that the ending would not be happy.  No wrapping up of family history or past mistakes.  But I couldn’t figure out exactly what would happen.  That’s a satisfying situation–it’s coming, but what will it look like?

To change gears a bit, I borrowed Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw.  I’ve just begun, but the ortolan scene was magnificent.  Any foodie at heart will soak up all the sights, sounds, flavors and expressions around a table when something truly special is served.  I think immediately to Big Night and the Timpano is served.  Or in Julie & Julia when the beef bourguignon is finally cooked to perfection and served.

So good-bye Ethiopia, hello braised beef and cabernet!


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