GATE Training #???

Monday morning… Ready for more GATE training today (and tomorrow).  At this point, my single gripe is breadth vs. depth.  I’ve gotten the large swath method of training in a number of venues with various populations of educators.  What I really need at this point is the in-depth on the few strategies that our school has invested in, and I find most accessible to ALL learners.

In a mixed ability sixth grade, GATE materials cannot be solely GATE.  I subscribe strongly to the edict: Good teaching is good for all.  ELL strategies work for more than just English learners whose first language is not English.  My native speakers benefit greatly from these strategies–they’re still learning appropriate English themselves.  GATE materials and strategies can be accessible to more than just GATE identified students.  I’ll reserve judgment.

Monday early evening… So just as good teaching is good teaching, good training is just plain good training.  Whether it’s specific to one program or strategy, it’s all in the delivery and inspiration.  Today was great!  I will skip the ranting about the state of our state and education in general.  Focus on what I can impact, not what I can’t.

John DeLandtsheer was engaging, inspiring and very practical in his approach to GATE identification and education.  He even offered to bring me a recent piece of research from San Diego Unified about “spill over,”  or the idea that GATE education has a positive impact on all students.  Perfect.

Day 2 of 6 is tomorrow.


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