Web 2.0 here we come…

It’s day 12 in my sixth grade and I’m feeling good about the energy and direction of our class.  The vibe is good and the intentions are positive.

For Back to School Night I revamped the Teachersfirst.com web 2.0 tools agreement to align with my classroom needs and our school’s BEST behaviors format.  Check it out: web20toolpermission-elem2. I’m very happy with the result and I could feel the parents nodding with me as I explained the importance of education in the area of appropriate use of the internet and safety online.  The way in which I model, model, model, then monitor their work ensures safe, appropriate practice.  Where else will they learn and practice these skills in a supported environment?  I could feel the tension easing and the support building.  With sixth graders, we don’t want experimentation without guidance to the be method.

So we continue with the Blog of the Day and my goal is for individual student blogs to be up and running in October.  Now I’m considering how much to prescribe the blog topic versus free choice on the blog.  My gut says Do both.  We’ll see.


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