Here goes…

Time to handle math… it’s been slightly more than 1 week and I’m getting a handle on the knowledge base, motivation and work-ethic of my sixth graders.  Tomorrow–differentiation 101.  We’ve got math building projects, straight enrichment from the publisher, Accelerated Math, math facts practice and just-get-a-handle-on-today’s-lesson.  I’m feeling confident about our ability to chew on the options, move through the math lessons and work time fluidly, productively and with excitement about learning.

The main goal is to get students to understand their choices and when I provide a choice, it’s real.  I’m not laying out options only to steer you to the one I want.  Consider yourself as a learner, consider your needs, consider what you like… now chose.  And know that you’re not making a life-altering choice, you’re not marrying the choice, it’s for today’s math period.  How will you make the most of it?

It’s about trust and respect.  Do I trust and respect them as learners?  Do they trust and respect me as the teacher?  And it’s about learning.  Not what did you do at school today, but what did you learn at school today?


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