Another Day at the Office

Decided to spend my afternoon back home with the boys rather than sort through another file cabinet/eyeball the desk arrangement/get the plan book ready/etc.  It still doesn’t look like I’ve done much in the classroom but the grit on my hands attests to the time spent attempting to bring order back to the space.

Good news on the computer front–my teacher computer is up and running!  Thank you Eric, Lori and Ginny.  And Kidblog, Prezi and Buzzdash are NOT BLOCKED!  Yahoo!  I’ve reworked two wiki pages to fit our school monitor size rather than the mondo monitor at home–nice.  Greenshot is back in it’s proper place and I’m debating how to program the wireless mouse.  I played with a few buttons last year but didn’t get comfortable with any of them.  I do like the Internet launch command and Close this window command.  I don’t highlight much, but I do like circling things.

So I’m feeling pretty up-beat.  I bought 2 little back-to-school gifts for my friend, Linda and for our new hire, Patti.  Little Thinking-of-You’s are my favorite gifts.

Next stop, the Lego web site with Jacob.  His favorite.


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