Back to the Classroom

Spent about two hours in my classroom today–not sure why I’m not excited to get started.  My normal demeanor this time of year is one of excitement, anticipation and BIG plans.  Instead, I feel unmotivated, over-analytic about the minutiae and anxious about the start to this year.

We are in the process of hiring 1 or 2 teachers and the “or” in that statement leaves me feeling unsettled.  The whole “10th Day” issue is at the forefront of my thinking as well.  I wish we had systems in place to stabilize our school populations and not allow such limbo for the start of the year.

Parent choice is a good thing, overall, but do parents understand the situation at school sites when paperwork is incomplete or a family is “shopping” for the perfect school?  I’m sure they don’t know the effect of their actions.  My hope is that if they did know, they wouldn’t treat registration lightly or in a last minute fashion.

And school districts making decisions based on money and not on positive school culture goes without saying, but do they understand the anxiety caused by such wait-and-see points of view?

I know that I should be skilled enough, flexible enough to handle whatever comes my way and I do feel that way.  But the unknown elements (for today) diminished my normal enthusiasm for a return to the classroom.  I’ll be back again tomorrow for a fresh start.


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