A Brighter Outlook?

Checking Twitter, perusing my favorite blogs, sipping coffee on this (lovely?) Petaluma morning.  My issues yesterday around the new school year have come into focus–I failed to follow my own mantra: It’s not the stuff, it’s the people.  Another version: It’s not the tool, it’s the learning.

Yesterday I was hung up on the stuff, the systems and not focusing on people (teachers, students) and learning (the reason I usually love being a teacher).  So today, as I push away from the computer, get myself organized and head back to room D2, I’m focused on students and learning.  How am I going to weave in all that I’ve learned this summer for the benefit of my students?

  1. Playing with Diigo
  2. Lurking and Learning on Twitter
  3. Following my fav blogs with Google Reader
  4. The Reform Symposium’s many ideas and tools
  5. My new blog on WordPress
  6. Figuring out student blogging on Kidblog

Now I need to take this list and fill it full of sixth graders.  The possibilities are exciting.  Did I just say exciting?  That’s a good way to start the day!


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