Let the Great World Spin

Standing at the Costco table of books–annoyed.  The covers never face a reasonable direction so we (the folks perusing the titles) must tilt, stretch and dance around one another to see all the choices.

This was the day a woman recommended to me The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which I didn’t care for–too much needless violence.  So I was hesitant with her second recommendation, Let the Great World Spin.  I had vaguely heard that the backdrop to the story is the famous tightrope walk across the World Trade Centers.  I remember well when Smithsonian Magazine featured that event and some amazing photos as a reflection after 9/11.  Ok, I’ll give it a try (despite her initial recommendation).

The tightrope walk is more of a thread between the loosely connected characters.  It’s like six-degrees of separation.  Unfortunately I need more.  Not one of these interesting people is touched on enough to satisfy my preference for Characters.  As I sit and write, I can’t even think of any names, although I know them–the priest, the brother, the rich white lady, the hooker, the hooker’s daughter, the widowed black woman…

I’ll keep reading and make my final assessment then.  So far–good read, not unforgettable.


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