The Lost City of Z and some random thoughts

The book.

So The Lost City of Z has come to a close and I must say I did not expect the darn City to actually be found, but I was hoping for a more satisfying closing.  No, the modern-day author was not going to stumble upon the Amazon’s Manchu Pichu, but some evidence of the lost Fawcett or a glimmer of what actually happened was my secret hope.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the read and the extensive notes at the back are interesting as well.

August is here.

August 2nd started with a bang!  The emails began, the phone calls about student numbers, hiring and setting up classrooms completely jarred me out of a blissful summer of travel, relaxation and reflection.  The office opened up yesterday so the flow of information began again with a few boxes of mail and hundreds of email to sort.  I should be thankful I’m not actually there.

Blog decision.

After much reflection and list analyzing (I’m a big fan of +/- lists), I’m leaning heavily toward kidblog for my blogging project with students.  I’m going to add another pretend sixth grader today (my eight year old, Joshua) and see how the teacher + 2 students looks.  I’m happy with this platform for 2 main reasons–no ads and a clean, uncluttered blog.  It doesn’t have a calendar, planning and other tools for me and that’s just fine.

Web tools.

Was led to a neat visual for Web 2.0 tools through a Tweet today.  Cool Web 2.0 visual I’m excited to use this as a conversation starter with staff soon.  Our lab coordinator is working on a list of tools that we’re asking the district to clear via the filter.  The questions are: How many? Which are student tools and which are teacher tools?  Does it matter who they’re for?  What will our network support?

For our teachers it’s either, you know what you want or you have no idea what we’re talking about–2 camps.  So this visual will get folks thinking about things they DO know–get that Schema building, get the Prior Knowledge juices flowing.

Did I mention August is here?

So I’m off to start the paper screening process just in case we are in a position to hire a teacher.  It’ll be interesting to walk on campus and feel summer trailing behind me like a fog–did those trips actually happen?  Was I really so relaxed?  It’s a bit of a Jekyl and Hyde life, but I do love it.


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