Reform Symposium 2010

I joined twitter last summer and was quickly overwhelmed by the quantity of information that was too archaic/twitterized for me to understand.  I don’t think I even sent 1 tweet.

This summer I decided to give it a closer look.  I found a PLN to follow on twitter and have occasionally joined the conversation.  My first reaction is to say, Wow! There is a lot of great information being shared on Twitter!  Then I must pause to be overwhelmed by it all.

As a result of all this amazing conversation on teaching, learning, web 2.0, 21C skills, etc. I found the link to The Reform Symposium 2010.  It went from Friday to today (about 1 hour ago) and was the most amazing series of sessions by folks I had been following on Twitter for the past month or so along with others who I am now following.

I learned about classroom blogs, Identity Day, 21C skills and what that means, getting rid of grades, how to stretch the traditional sense of classroom and teaching and learning and now have a mound of notes with quotes, names, books, links and ideas that have my brain complete fired up.

The most amazing part is that 1) I sat in my comfy computer chair with my children playing around me, 2) got up for coffee/tea/water whenever I wanted, 3) sort-of following the back channel chat to the right of the presentation space and even joined in occasionally, AND 4) it was FREE with no travel or lodging involved.  How did these folks do this?!?!  I am so in awe and inspired to completely rethink PD as I’ve always known it.

The Reform Symposium 2010 will make all it’s recorded sessions available and I’m jazzed to share a few in their entirety with my staff.   We have some serious native/immigrant issues at our site and I’m encouraged to think of reform as the baby steps toward getting folks on board.  It’s not about the tools, but the goals that the tools help us achieve.  I think that’s one of the major stumbling blocks to the immigrants–too much focus on the tool/gadget/app.  Just like good-old-fashioned teaching, it’s still about the goal–learning goals, social goals, personal goals.  Just like a pencil is a tool, so is edmodo and veezzle and a million others.

I’m excited to share with my colleagues and especially my students.  My first goal is to figure out which student blog site I like best.  Wish me luck!

Check out the Symposium site: #mce_temp_url#


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