Lighthousekeeping–love it

I opted to begin the Jeanette Winterson find from the library bookstore.  So far, I love it.  It reminds me of Olive Kitteridge or The Maytrees.  The characters are amazingly thick and tangible, and the story meanders along, counting on a patient, intelligent reader to be mindful and curious.

As an author, her name is so familiar, and yet I think I’ve only read The Passion by her.  Perhaps I’m confusing her with another Jeanette.

Lighthouses are so romantic and dangerous.  It’s a foolproof setting, but what truly causes the story to stand out are the characters Pew and the girl, Silver.  Babel Dark is meant to be a major character, but his fickle life decisions and religious ambiguity don’t work for me.  Miss Pinch is more real than Babel Dark.

At the half way point, this may (upon considering it) be a point the author is making.  Babel Dark is the background to the great, more meaningful story of Pew and Silver.  Yes, that does sound right.  Back out to the patio and Lighthousekeeping.


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