The New Yorker and starz–whatever that is!

If it hasn’t already come up, I love The New Yorker.  I take the whole week (from when one arrives to when the next one will arrive) to peruse, read, scan, skim, reread and generally handle my New Yorker issue.  I have a system: check the table of contents for favorites, flip through 1) for the comics and 2) for articles that are must reads.  Then I take a break (a few hours or a day).  Only then do I begin reading, perusing, etc.  I like the experience to last–sort of like chain smoking.

My July 5 issue started (back of cover) with a huge photo of one of my favorite artists, Chuck Close.  Apparently he’s doing something creative with aol.  I’m in.  I love his paintings so much and every year that I take students to MOMA, his one piece that they’ve got is NEVER on display.  Maybe next year.

Then the  July 12 & 19 issue features a double page ad on Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth as a “epic event” on starz.  Pause.  Think.  Try not to get upset.  I can’t even imagine how one might butcher this amazing story into “an 8-part epic event” and what is starz?  I assume it’s a channel, but what type of channel?  Good grief.

So what to deduce from the high point of Chuck Close to the forehead-slapping ad for starz?  Even the best magazine on the planet can take a severe turn–to starz nonetheless!


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