The Girl–no thanks

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… where to begin?  I started this book about four times in the fall, but never got into it enough to keep going.  The story of Swedish investment gone bad was mind numbing.  Then I got a friend’s mom’s book club summer recommendation list and there it was, listed about ten times by a variety of readers.  I love this woman’s summer reading list, and I’ve trusted (with success) a number of its titles.  So with that final shove, I gave The Girl one more try.  Sure enough, about 25 pages in, I was hooked.  I had heard/read somewhere about the men hating women theme of the book and was nervous about anything overly explicit/hateful.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find enough specific information to stop me from reading further.

So I finished the story.  And I’m glad to be moving on.  No thanks to The Girl.  It’s sadistic/explicit/hateful scenes for barely a story line or character worth knowing more about.  I’d take Olive Kitteridge over The Girl any day.

Then I went to Costco… scanning the titles for something good.  The woman next to me asked if I’d read The Girl and before I could respond she began gushing about book #2 and how she’s #35 on the library waiting list for book #3.  Hhmmm… how to respond.  Thanks for the recommendation?  I picked up The Lost City of Z instead.


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