Making their day!

Started a pretty typical (no such thing) day at Grant Elementary School.  Checked in with our substitute secretary, organized leadership team announcements on the counter, turned on the walkie-talkie, hung keys around my neck, set out for the front to greet kids arriving on this cloudy-ish Friday morning.  Check.  Check.  And check.

After a few classroom visits, I decided to dig myself out of two piles looming on the counter in my office… ugh.  A total peeve of mine.  #slowchated this week allowed me to vent a bit–What angers you about your classroom/office?  Paper.

Voices outside my enormous front window pulled at my attention.  One of our kindergarten classes had marched out to the front of school; the teacher, Mrs. RC was spreading out two blankets, and down they sat, clipboards in hand.  What are they up to?

So the piles remained inside, while I wandered outside.

Data and statistics, kindergarten style.  Each student had a clipboard with a data sheet and a pencil at the ready.  Predications were already made about the number of cars they would count driving by as well as the most numerous color of car.  Awesome.

kinder data collection

Unfortunately, Grant Avenue is not a busy street.  Mrs. RC was working hard to make this exciting.  Wait, I hear a car!  Oh no, nevermind.  2 minutes later.  Wait!  I hear a car!  And one would appear, thank heavens.

Now this elementary principal happens to drive a yield-sign-yellow Jeep.  And you can imagine the sad state of the yellow car data box on… waiting patiently for a tally mark… sniff sniff….

It was great!  I was a one car parade.  My pageant wave was perfect as I smiled and passed an enthusiastic, data collecting group of kinder students at the front of Grant School.

I made their day.  And they made mine.

Elementary school rocks!

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Things improve… why do we focus on gripes?

Is it about always wanting more?  On behalf of students, I can get behind that.  Is it about a constant state of dissatisfaction?  Is it just being human?

Lots of good things are happening on our campus right now albeit later than we anticipated or desired.  And I mostly hear “but what about ….”

I don’t need to be thanked.  Let’s be clear.  None of this was my doing.  But for a moment, can’t we sit in the happiness of improvement and forward stepping changes?  Ok, if not happiness, at least contentment?

And the majority of folks are content.  Typical human being that I am, I allow the Negative Nancys of the world to cloud of thinking and get my goat.  Perhaps a later post on goat-getting topic.

To the adage, The only person you can control is yourself.  How do I react when good is happening?  Do I want more?  Do I stop, pause, enjoy the accomplishment/action/change or do I just right to “but what about …?”

We’d probably all like to think we aren’t that person.  I sure do.  But it does provide a nice mirror for reflection.  And of course the hard work is never done.  To do/wish list grows exponentially while the done list is quite short.  I should give both lists their equal due.

Take away: Consider how I communicate about accomplishments at school and with the broader community.  Do I tag on a “but what about…” rather than enjoying the moment and resting it in before adding my next set of gripes?

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